The 25 Whitewater gives you the quality and strength to meet the demands of serious offshore fishing.

Our 24-degree deep V hull, 4 full length stringer system gives the 28 WHITEWATER a comfortable, dry ride running in the roughest of seas.

The 32 Whitewater gives you the quality and strength to meet the demands of serious offshore fishing.

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Hey Norm,

Four of us made a trip to Bimini last weekend. Both crossings were bumpier than expected at 2-3 in some 3-5 swells.

We covered 225 miles (GPS trip meter) and burned 113 gallons. When we got back, we re-filled the fuel tanks to get an accurate fuel burn.

During the trip we:
Crossed the Stream twice in decent sized seas
Spent 6+ hours idling around following snorkelers
Ran hard (45-58 mph) on the Bank for over an hour
Fast-trolled (successfully) for Wahoo for an hour

This is the second trip where we averaged 2.0 mpg. I averaged 1.3 MPG in my 25 Contender and previously with the 300s. I now have a 500 mile rangeóthe Whitewater 32 and F250s are going to be a very good combination for some of the long ocean trips Iím planning.

Thank you,

Captain Dave Kostyo  
When I was looking for a boat for both my personal use and charter business, I spent a lot of time looking at a lot of boats. With all the looking I did, I came back to the same one every time; WHITEWATER. They custom built my boat the way I wanted it, not the way someone thought I would want it.

I purchased my first Whitewater in 1985. The 25 footer met all my needs. In 1996, I upgraded to the 28 footer that I am currently running. With either model, the thought never entered my mind that I didn't have enough boat under me for the conditions I was fishing. With my custom built Whitewater, I get a solid, smooth, comfortable ride that pleases my customers and I know I made the right choice.

Captain Dave Kostyo
Knot Nancy Fishing Charters
Miami, Florida

The Merrits  
Our 28 foot WHITEWATER has exceeded all of our expectations for a sport fishing boat. We have owned others, but they simply can not compare to the design and quality of a WHITEWATER.

It handles the most challenging seas with ease and grace. Further, it has allowed our son Joe Merrit to develop the skill necessary to compete in tournaments. In July 2003, he was first place in the IGFA Junior Angler Championship. WHITEWATER is simply the ultimate fishing machine.

The Merrits
Key West, Fl.

Captain Willie Smith
When I purchased my 28 ft. Whitewater, I had two criteria to be met:
1) A quality product for a fair price.
2) A superior fishing hull.
Whitewater has met all my expectations and has satisfied my need for pride of ownership.

Captain Willie Smith
Charter Boat "Peggy Ann"
Key West, Florida

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